As we progress through life experiences both positive and negative we collect data.  We call the collected data memories.  Memories are powerful because they create a connectedness to people, places, and things.  This can be good in the positive meaning memories have the ability to create and reinforce bonds.  These bonds can build quality relationships of all kinds.  Conversely, when memories become toxic then they work in the reverse.  They can damage and in some cases destroy quality relationships of all kinds.  Trauma is quickly becoming an epidemic in our society because so many people are suffering from broken hearts and damaged souls.  Meanwhile, life continues on and hurts continue to pile up in the souls of individuals. As we look into society we see people from all walks of life that are facing issues in their soul.  A cold case is a criminal case that is open for an extended period of time.  This case has never been solved and has become cold.   Until new evidence comes in the case remains open and unsolved.  I use this example because it is the same way with individuals who are recovering from trauma.  As we go through life all the experiences that we had that we never resolved remain an open case unsolved in our soul.  As these cases begin to build up in the soul it begins a shift in the person mental health.  Individuals with a lot of cold cases or life experiences that are unresolved begin to change due to the build- up of issues in their soul.  This is one of the contributory factors when individuals eventually snap (or go postal).  What have you allowed to build up on the inside of you emotionally?  What unresolved issues have created an adjustment in the way you interact with the people around you?  Through environments like our homes, workplace, places of worship, and the public square we are all connected.  We are all connected to people who can be potentially impacted by something unresolved in us. C