Have you ever felt stuck in any area of your life before?  The word stuck is the past tense of the word stick.  Merriam Webster dictionary defines some meanings for this word as to be baffled, beaten, at one’s wit’s end, bogged down or to be stumped.   At one point in our lives we have all felt this way or perhaps you may feel this way now.  No one desires to remain in this state yet so many people go through life existing.  They travel through life going through the motions not really emotionally connected to what they are doing.  Again, at some point in life we have all felt that way.  Doing what we have always done only yields the results we have always had.  Trauma, grief, and loss, are subject matter that most people tend to avoid until they experience them.  Although we all realize that ultimately we will have to deal with this season of life, something within us keeps us from this reality.  That is of course, until we are in it.  At this point we are thrusted into a season of life that we have no plan in place to address.  This leads to people becoming stuck, because there was no plan in place before it happened.  We were not instructed or prepared about the loss, grief, and trauma that we all experience as we walk out our life purpose.  No wonder trauma creates such an imprint on our mental psyche.  We know it will happen at some point but we don’t prepare for it.  If we fail to plan we plan to fail.