The Merriam Webster dictionary defines trauma as a deeply distressing and disturbing experience.  I want you to think about this definition and what you feel when you read it.  For me when I read it my first thought was yes that’s how I feel.  I was deeply impacted, as well as, distressed over what took place in my life.  The impact resonated throughout my being.  Imagine one event had that type of impact on us, but the truth of the matter is it can.  Just as events in our life like marriage or graduation can make up feel hyped, equally one event could also leave us feeling devastated.  Trauma affects us spiritually, mentally, physically, and chemically.  It can leave behind visible scars and noticeable devastation.  The aftermath of a trauma can come through a person’s life with reckless abandon.  It can leave one with mental and emotional challenges, a broken hearts, and painful memories that infiltrate our mental psyche.  Yes, trauma can imbed itself into our mental framework causing painful memories that can be relived over and over again.  Trauma can be one of the most common causes of illness in an individual suffering from it.