One of the first steps in recovering from anything is identification.  it is one thing to have a problem it is something entirely different to have a problem and not know.  This is what happens with most of us we continue pushing through painful life experiences not realizing that we have a problem.  Alcoholism, drug addiction, PTSD, Bi-polar disorder, postpartum, and depression, are a few examples that people become entangled with and are sometimes not aware that the problem exists.   While some would say, “I would know if I was suffering from one of these challenges.”  What we must realize is that most people don’t realize it is an issue until they are in it.  Not all addictions are the result of an abuse, but could have started out as a pain medicine prescribed due to an injury but became addictive over time.  A woman experiencing postpartum as a result of birthing a child is not something she would have predicted, but many experience it.  My point is that many people don’t realize what they are dealing with until the symptoms become apparent.  This is what makes Identification so important in the recovery process because you cannot address an issue until you know the issue.  Until you recognize the root cause, you will not be able to transition to the next step.  We must identify in order to begin the process of recovering from traumatic experiences.  Becoming stuck is not a result of a lack of movement but a lack of knowledge.  Without knowledge we cannot identi