God's Divine Plan Book Launch
God's Divine Plan Book Launch
God's Divine Plan
God's Divine Plan
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There are things that we all go through in life but what matters most is not specifically what happened to us but how we deal with what happened.

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One of the main reasons we were born is to embrace and release our internal genius.

Earlie James’ mission is to help individuals understand WHO they are, WHY they exist, and WHAT they are called to do.

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Our Publishing Team is assembling to assist authors who are ready to release their voice in print.

Word Soaking

Your faith in God will only be as strong as your knowledge of God. You will never look at the Word of God the same after participating in these sessions!

Here’s what people are saying about Word Soaking…

The pace of purpose and promise is often determined by an individual’s perspective and their rate of immersion. Our purpose is most fully discovered in our oneness with Christ, our oneness with the living Word. We’ve been given the Mind of Christ but how do we tap into the thoughts and “synaptic transmission” of the Godhead? Psalm 27:4 gives us a big clue! We do this by dwelling and inquiring. This is exactly what Pastor Earlie James’ course, Word Soaking, provides. His course takes a deep dive in the word and stays there. His lessons give a 360 degree view into the word of God and a top to bottom experience. At these depths, one discovers keys that unlock the promises of God for our lives.

I’ve learned to excavate the text and draw practical strategies for my current season of life. I’ve learned what a glorious honor it truly is to “search out the deeper meaning of all that God says.” (Proverbs 25:2 TPT) Many people ask the why and what questions, but Word Soaking has taught me to inquire of the Lord about the “How”. It has been in these properly structured questions and deeper studies that I have come out with the ordered steps of the Lord for my life in this season. Word Soaking allows you to position yourself in the word and to be securely carried by the word toward the direction of your purpose and promise. Word Soaking has opened up the promise of John 15:7 to me – “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask for whatever you want and it will be done for you.” (CEB) Thank you, Pastor Earlie James, for opening up the treasures of His word in my life.


Bianca Patterson

Thank you for being obedient to God’s direction on conducting these Word Soaking sessions. It has been extremely helpful to my sorority all development. The recent session provided even more clarity on faith, and mysteries of God’s word. I’m preparing to watch it again.

Joanna Jane

From an early age trauma, lack, low self-esteem, identity crises, “religion”, manipulation, and control colluded and combined to create the perfect storm in my life. That storm was further compounded by my subconscious choice as a child to isolate, internalize and build innumerable walls around my heart as self-defense mechanisms. The result was an impenetrable prison of my own making that I was incapable of breaking free from. Subconsciously, it created in me an unhealthy, desperate need to please people in order to be understood, accepted, and validated.

Donna M Jacobs