Here’s what people are saying about Word Soaking…

The pace of purpose and promise is often determined by an individual’s perspective and their rate of immersion. Our purpose is most fully discovered in our oneness with Christ, our oneness with the living Word. We’ve been given the Mind of Christ but how do we tap into the thoughts and “synaptic transmission” of the Godhead? Psalm 27:4 gives us a big clue! We do this by dwelling and inquiring. This is exactly what Pastor Earlie James’ course, Word Soaking, provides. His course takes a deep dive in the word and stays there. His lessons give a 360 degree view into the word of God and a top to bottom experience. At these depths, one discovers keys that unlock the promises of God for our lives.

I’ve learned to excavate the text and draw practical strategies for my current season of life. I’ve learned what a glorious honor it truly is to “search out the deeper meaning of all that God says.” (Proverbs 25:2 TPT) Many people ask the why and what questions, but Word Soaking has taught me to inquire of the Lord about the “How”. It has been in these properly structured questions and deeper studies that I have come out with the ordered steps of the Lord for my life in this season. Word Soaking allows you to position yourself in the word and to be securely carried by the word toward the direction of your purpose and promise. Word Soaking has opened up the promise of John 15:7 to me – “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask for whatever you want and it will be done for you.” (CEB) Thank you, Pastor Earlie James, for opening up the treasures of His word in my life.

Bianca Patterson

Thank you for being obedient to God’s direction on conducting these Word Soaking sessions. It has been extremely helpful to my sorority all development. The recent session provided even more clarity on faith, and mysteries of God’s word. I’m preparing to watch it again.

Thanks again for your Kingdom service.

Joanna Jane

From an early age trauma, lack, low self-esteem, identity crises, “religion”, manipulation, and control colluded and combined to create the perfect storm in my life. That storm was further compounded by my subconscious choice as a child to isolate, internalize and build innumerable walls around my heart as self-defense mechanisms. The result was an impenetrable prison of my own making that I was incapable of breaking free from. Subconsciously, it created in me an unhealthy, desperate need to please people in order to be understood, accepted, and validated.

Now that God has used an almost three-year foundation of anointed teaching, deliverance, and pastoral counseling to break through the rubble I’d been buried under for years as a result of the “perfect storm”, He has given me Word Soaking. As a result, I am being empowered, strengthened, and restored as God uses Pastor Earlie James to teach me to wield the sword of the Spirit, to love and obey God first and foremost, and to reveal my true identity in Christ. I am forever grateful.

Donna M Jacobs

Here’s what people are saying about The Genius Plan…

The book, “The Genius Plan”, is a must read. Who wouldn’t want to read it? The “Instructions” and “Dedication” in the first three pages of the book are so impactful that you want to dive at warp speed into the chapters of the book. The content of this book is and can be beneficial to ALL age groups. The sooner in life you read this book the better off you will be in this journey we call life. Your life foundation will be set, your life Assignment will be unfolded and the Genius in you will be released. By the time you get to the end of the book, with confidence, you will know you are one of a kind, there is no other like you, you are unique, and that you are a Genius.

Valerie Carty

The Genius Plan has been instrumental in my life concerning self-discovery. Working through the daily recap and reflections of The Genius Plan helped me to see how I point out more negative things throughout my day than positive. The Genius Plan forced me to confront my negativity and caused me to work towards being more positive in my day. It forced me to look for positivity and healthy thoughts more. I am still working on mastering a positive mindset.

Audrese Johnson

I want to thank you for being obedient to the Father’s instructions for writing The Genius Plan. I started reading The Genius Plan on Sunday, September 7, 2019. I am already receiving downloads from the Holy Spirit about some changes I need to make in my thought processing and future planning techniques. I am becoming aware daily of toxic mindsets that I did not know were lying dormant. Make a commitment to yourself to follow the strategic plan of this book daily once you start to read it. I missed one day of journaling and felt the need to start over in order to thoroughly walk out this new plan God has for my life.

Sylvia James

Here’s what people are saying about Stuck…

My wife and I just completed walking through the book and workbook. The experiences, advice, and steps given in this book provided me with language for some of the places where I have been stuck and how to get past them. There is no doubt in my mind that whenever I encounter the need to have a successful recovery, I will utilize what I have learned from Pastor Earlie James in this book. Thank you Pastor James for being transparent with your experiences and having a passion to help others on their road to recovery!

Sean Ervin

Imagine being a wife, mother of 3 sons, former pastor, a doctoral student, daughter, sister, and friend in which all the world looks to as the bridge for the family, but you have so many hidden traumas never expressed that as you navigate and assist others, you are secretly drowning in your own experience.

Through the study of this text, with the interactive workbook, I was able to not only add language to what I have experienced, but I am now able to see what stage I have been in my recovery process. Through this teaching, I have been reminded of the need for healthy outlets and self-talk. As a student in the mental health profession, we are typically our worst patients.

This book provides personal steps from Pastor James’ own journey and the wealth of knowledge is unmatched. It has assisted me and my husband (we studied together) in understanding how to further help each other through past traumas that have a slight residue in our lives today, as well as the tools to assist others to an even greater path of wholeness and breakthrough!

This book broke something in me that I had been holding for years. Leaders walk in strength and often go home broken due to pride or lack of encouragement from outlets that we expected to help in our darkness. After completing this book, I am able to boldly stand and proclaim I am walking out of the door that has been “stuck” and onto the road of a successful recovery accompanied by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, my husband, and my trusted outlets, which God has given me.

I fully cooperate and participate in allowing God to guide this path to full recovery!

Tawanda Ervin

I am calling my time spent in the Stuck seminars an experience. That experience has not only helped me to identify areas that I was stuck in, but has also taught me how to recognize areas that others are stuck in and how to exercise patience when they are walking through their recovery process. I also am learning how to release the reigns to others identified as my outlets when my body needs to rest and my spirit needs to be recharged.

Most of all I have learned that I cannot do anything without The Father, Son and Holy Spirit being the CEO’s over my spirit, soul and body. This is the only way that I can experience true recovery. I am ready to experience the next level.

Sylvia James